by Adrian Poć ,Dawid Śmiech

Each test automation project is different. The apps are different, the approach is different, even though the tools and frameworks used might seem to be the same. Each project brings different challenges and requirements, resulting in a need to adapt to solutions being delivered — although all of it is covered by the term “software testing”. This time we want to tackle the issue of test data being used in automation testing.

Setting up the automation testing project

Let’s consider the following scenario: as usual, our project implements the Page Object Pattern approach with the use of Cucumber.). This part is…

If you ever had to write some automation scripts for an app with the frontend part done in React and you used Selenium Webdriver to get it to work, you’ve probably noticed that those two do not always get along very well. Perhaps you had to ‘hack’ your way through the task, and you were desperately searching for solutions to help you finish the job. I’ve been there and done that — so now you don’t have to. If you’re looking for a bunch of tricks which you can learn and expand your automation testing skillset, you’ve definitely come to…

Year after year, Apple’s new releases of mobile devices gain a decent amount of traction in tech media coverage and keep attracting customers to obtain their quite pricey products. Promises of superior quality, straightforwardness of the integrated ecosystem, and inclusion of new, cutting edge technologies urge the company’s longtime fans and new customers alike to upgrade their devices to Californian designed phones, tablets and computers.


Focusing on the mobile market alone, it is impossible to neglect the significant raise in Apple’s iOS market share of mobile operating systems. Its major competitor, Google’s Android has noted 70.68% of mobile market share…

iOS devices still claim a significant part of the mobile market, taking up to 22 percent of the sales globally. As many devoted clients come back for new Apple products, there is also a great demand for iOS applications. In this article, we are going to look at ensuring the quality of iOS apps striving for the usage of best practices using Appium, Cucumber, and Serenity tools.


The Page Object Model is one of the best approaches to testing that QA engineers can apply to a test automation project. It is such a way of structuring the code in an automation project that improves code quality and readability, test maintenance, and on top of that, it is a great way of avoiding chaos. The basic idea behind it comes to keeping all references to mobile elements and methods performing operations on them in one class file for each page or screen of the app (or web page for non-native web applications).

What are the benefits of this…

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